Information for Artists

The gallery accepts new work on an ongoing basis. New works are juried biweekly by our volunteer accessions committee who meet every other Monday. The deadline for submission is always the Sunday before at 3pm.

Teichert Gallery

Submission Details

  • You may submit up to five works at a time.
  • Please have your works titled (title should be written on the back of the work along with your name) and attach or email your biography, CV, or both.
  • You will need to determine the sale price for you work. The gallery’s commission rate is 40%. If you are unsure about pricing your work we encourage you to browse around the gallery and look at comparable works.
  • You may drop the work off anytime during gallery hours, no need to set up an appointment.
  • You will be informed of the committees decisions by mail.
  • Please understand there will be no dialogue regarding the results. If your work is not accepted you may try to submit others, however declined works may not be resubmitted at any time.

Accession Policy

The Art Sales and Rental Society (ASAR) is a not-for-profit organization operating independently but in support of the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia. The Society’s mandate is to promote artists from the Maritime/Atlantic region and to raise funds for AGNS acquisitions. By renting or selling to the public we hope to create interest in local art and make art available at reasonable rates.

Accession Committee

An Accession Committee (on which the AGNS is represented) will evaluate new work for consignment based upon its merits and on our client market. As the Committee does not wish to influence artistic output, criticism or feedback will not be provided.

Submission and Consignment

Accession occurs every second Monday and works may be submitted at any time throughout the week. The works must be in by 3 pm the Sunday before the Accession Committee meets. Please include title, retail price, media, and size (including frame, height by width). Artists cannot expect new work to be accepted based on having work previously consigned. Works that have been returned to an artist may not be resubmitted.

Works will be returned to the artist after six months if they have not rented or sold during that period; two years is the maximum a work will be kept in inventory.

New artists are invited to sign a consent form allowing their work to be used in media exposure (film, television or advertising). Membership in the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia is a requirement for artists with work consigned with ASAR at a significant discount to regular membership.

Media and Subject Matter

Oils, acrylics, watercolours, pastels, drawings, mixed media, limited edition photography and prints (intaglio, wood and lino block, lithographs and screenprints) are accepted. We do not accept reproductions. A variety of subject matter is welcome. Limited edition prints and photographs must be numbered. The maximum edition for prints is 200, for photography the maximum edition is 75.

Finishing and Framing Guidelines

Please see the Guidelines for Submitting Works below. Work must meet these requirements in order to be accepted for judging. The Society does not permit its volunteers or staff to repair art works or frames.

Sale and Commission

ASAR deducts a commission of 40% from all rentals and sales. Artists must include this commission in the price quoted upon submission. Rentals are accumulated and paid three times per year: March 31, July 31 and November 30. Sales, less rental paid by the purchaser, are remitted monthly. Installment sales over a three-month term may be arranged and the artist will be paid after the final installment is made. All works priced $100 and under will be for sale only.

Rental Duration

Individual rentals are up to a maximum of 6 months and corporate rentals are up to 12 months without extensions (to allow for circulation of the art piece back in the gallery). In either case, only 6 months rental may be applied towards the purchase of the art piece.


Please submit a brief biographical sketch and/or an artist’s CV indicating background, art study pursued, details of participation in exhibitions, awards, gallery connections including the ASAR, and any other relevant information that may be of interest to our customers.

Transportation and Packaging Costs

All costs of transporting and packaging art works to and from ASAR are the responsibility of the Artist, including packing materials. We ask that artists give advance notice before picking work up so it will be ready when they arrive.

Guidelines for Submitting Works

  1. All works must be dry when submitted. Works that are still wet when submitted are at risk of being damaged and damaging other works.
  2. Please submit recent work - completed within the past three years. We suggest a maximum of four pieces per accession meeting, unless the works are small. Artists who have a history with the gallery may submit by j-peg if they live outside the HRM, please ask us for details.
  3. A title and date should be marked on the back of the work. This helps to avoid confusion when accessing works and taking inventory.
  4. All works submitted must be wired on the back, ready for hanging. Works may be placed on our sliding screens and for the safety of the works wire is the best method of hanging.
  5. All framed works must be in good condition. Frames with nicks or scratches that are not part of the frame design will not be accepted.
  6. Watercolors, pastel, graphite/charcoal, silk/felt paintings, photography and prints must be submitted framed under glass or plexiglass.
  7. Metal frames with glass are acceptable for work that is 3 feet or less in length and width, however anything over three feet must be in a solid frame that does not flex to prevent breakage. Delicate wooden frames are discouraged; our experience shows that these tend to damage easily.
  8. Unframed canvas paintings over 5”x7” must have sides that are at least 1 1/2 inches thick and staple free. They should be finished either by painting the sides in one tone or continuing the work around the sides.
  9. Any contact information on the back of a work such as webpage/ email/ phone/ mailing address will be blanked out. We do this to avoid confusion and to protect the interests of the gallery; some clients think this gives them the right to contact artists while renting work to ask for a ‘special purchase price’. Please note that a biography, artist statement or any information about the work is welcome.
  10. Unaccepted works must be picked up within 14 days of notification, we cannot be held liable if they are left longer. Our storage space is limited and the risk of damage is too great if work needs to be moved repeatedly.
  11. Please bring your own carrying and/or packing materials when picking up work. To save time, call us the day before so that we can have the works ready when you arrive.