What the Ocean Remembers Exhibition
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What the Ocean Remembers

Monday, 21 June 2021 to Tuesday, 21 December 2021

Visit https://whattheoceanremembers.ca/ to view the exhibition. 

What the Ocean Remembers places the practices of six leading contemporary artists who have engaged with the creative and critical milieu of the Atlantic provinces on an international stage that is digitally accessible to a wide audience.

Artists represented in this virtual exhibition are looking at and thinking about material memory, memory of the land and sea, which can be understood both as the residual effects of human action (commonly referred to as the Anthropocene) and the reciprocity required of sustainable co-existence with the natural world. This is propelled by efforts towards thinking generatively about non-western epistemologies and generational stewardship as well as opening a broader critical discussion around decolonization and historical erasure.

Featuring newly commissioned and recent works by artists Jordan Bennett, Kym Greeley, Thaddeus Holownia, Megan Musseau with Jenelle Duval, Jerry Ropson, and Camille Turner, this virtual exhibition with associated programs launches on the summer solstice before ceasing on the winter solstice.

These events, occurring June 21 and December 21, serve to bookend the public experience and critical framework in shared lived realities across the seasonal shifts perceived and contained by the solstices. What the Ocean Remembers is co-organized by the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia and Grenfell Art Gallery in partnership with The High Commission of Canada in the United Kingdom. This virtual exhibition is co-curated by Matthew Hills, Director/Curator, Grenfell Art Gallery, and David Diviney, Senior Curator, Art Gallery of Nova Scotia

Visit https://whattheoceanremembers.ca/ to view the exhibition. 

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