Storytelling Series: Rosella Fraser

Date Time: 
Thursday, 29 August 2019 - 7:00pm to 8:00pm
Storytelling Series

Join Rosella Fraser and the Fraser Family who will talk about their family legacy in Preston.


The oral tradition of storytelling is one that is a part of many cultures. For the Indigenous and the African Nova Scotian community, storytelling is a tradition that is engrained in our cultures. It is a way of learning and knowing that has been crucial to gaining better understanding of who we are.
Given that there are growing demands and the rise of social media and other competing societal pulls, making time for storytelling within our family time has become more challenging.
With this Storytelling Series we hope to centre the practice of oral storytelling in the modern world and provide an opportunity to focus on intergenerational learning, sharing, and experiences. We give voice to the Elders and knowledge keepers in our community and provide an opportunity for community and the public to be a part of this journey of wisdom inheritance with us.
Hosted by LaMeia Reddick, the Storytelling Series will be an informal gathering in the gallery space.