A partnership supporting school and community involvement in Art Gallery of Nova Scotia programs.

In the fall of 2005, an exciting link was forged between the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia, the Nova Scotia Department of Education, and the Canada Council Art Bank. ArtReach establishes exciting arts connections with Nova Scotia schools, supporting opportunities to work with students, teachers, artists, and communities across the province.

A key aspect of ArtReach is a travelling exhibition of Canadian prints that are made available for display throughout the province, allowing access to original artworks. These original prints were generously donated to the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia by the Canada Council Art Bank. The compelling works, created by noted Canadian artists, elicit dialogue and encourage young people to become familiar with the artists’ works and lives.

Travelling exhibitions are being planned for locations throughout the province. These exhibitions are accompanied by tours and printmaking workshops for teachers and students. The tours are interactive in nature promoting discussion and debate among viewers. Facilitated by local artists and arts organizations, the workshops offer hands-on artmaking experiences. Engagement with artwork results in many forms of literacy including poetry, soundscapes, storytelling, dance, and visual art.

Other features of ArtReach include the development of on-line curriculum resources, in-service teacher training, student art exhibitions, and school community collaborative projects inspired by exhibitions at the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia.

Now in its tenth successful year of operation, ArtReach continues to provide innovative and imaginative ways to integrate the arts into the learning of young people and those in their community.