A partnership supporting school and community involvement in Art Gallery of Nova Scotia programs.

In the fall of 2005, an exciting link was forged between the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia, the Nova Scotia Department of Education, and the Canada Council Art Bank. ArtReach establishes connections with Nova Scotia schools, supporting opportunities to work with students, teachers, artists, and communities across the province.

ArtReach was developed in response to the challenge of bringing original art to rural and isolated communities so that young people could have opportunities to engage in meaningful art experiences with their provincial collection.

The Canada Council Art Bank offered AGNS a collection of original prints by important Canadian artists which became part of the AGNS study collection – a collection of works which could then be exhibited with corresponding programs in spaces outside the Gallery. AGNS developed printmaking kits filled with supplies and resources, and set up exhibitions of the prints in libraries, schools, and other community spaces. Artists in the local community worked with AGNS staff to provide interactive workshops with opportunities to not only view the original artworks but also learn more about the printmaking process by participating in artist-facilitated hands-on printmaking workshops.

This program enables AGNS to develop more sustainable art programming in local communities utilizing the provincial collection but with local resources. Other features of ArtReach include the development of on-line curriculum resources, in-service teacher training, student art exhibitions, and school community collaborative projects inspired by exhibitions at the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia.




ArtReach Lesson Plans & Curriculum Resources


These lesson plans have been developed by Nova Scotia teachers and artists for the Gallery’s ArtReach program.  We hope you enjoy the suggested strategies and activities and we welcome your feedback. 


Please send your comments and photos to Kris Webster


Suggested Grade Levels:

Suggested Grade levels:

4 – 6 (but can be modified for younger grade levels)


Subject Areas:

Visual Arts, Social Studies, Math, Language Arts

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Collage Basics

Suggested Grade Levels: 7-12
Subject Areas: Art, Language Arts, Social Studies, Media Studies

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What does Art Sound Like?

Suggested Grade Levels: 1-3
Subject Areas: Visual Art, Language Art

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Weathervanes in the Wind

Suggested Grade Levels: P-3
Subject Areas: Social Studies, Science, Visual Arts

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I Remember Up Home

Suggested Grade Levels: 4-12
Subject Areas: Lessons based on “Up Home” by Shauntay Grant, illustrated by Susan Tooke

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The Quilted Community – Community Mapping through Quilting

Suggested Grade Levels: P-3 May be adapted for older children
Subject Areas: Social Studies, Visual Arts

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The Portrait Project

Suggested Grade Levels: 10-12
Subject Areas: History, Language Arts, Drama, Art

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Shape Shifters ~ Trees and the Environment

Suggested Grade Levels: 3-5
Subject Areas: Art, Science, and Language Arts

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Now That’s Beautiful!

Suggested Grade Levels: 7-9, 10-12
Subject Areas: Media Literacy, English Language Arts, Social Studies

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Your Personal Artist Tree

Suggested Grade Levels: P-2, 3-4, 5-6

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Building Action Figures

Suggested Grade Levels: Can be adapted for P-12
Subject Areas: Art, Social Studies, Language Arts, Health, Biology

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The View From Here

Suggested Grade Levels: P-3
Subject Areas: Social Studies, Visual Arts

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Wearable Sculpture & the Art of the Ancient Mediterranean

Suggested Grade Levels: 11-12
Subject Areas: Visual Art, History, Language Arts

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Art Ideas for Your Adopted Tree

Suggested Grade Levels: 3-6 and with adaptations, older or younger grades
Subject Areas: Science, Social Studies, Art, Language Arts

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Annie Leibovitz and Media Literacy

Suggested Grade Levels: 8-10

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Brainwaves - Ideas and Resources for Teachers

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