Community Partnerships

The Art Gallery of Nova Scotia has supported the direction of enhancing public access through a community collaborative partnership model that has generated significant opportunities. Many of our partnerships are non-traditional and cross into various sectors of the community.

Partnership programs positively reflect the creativity and diversity of our communities. They provide high quality art experiences for people of all ages from diverse backgrounds who may not otherwise have access to such opportunities. The Art Gallery of Nova Scotia offers workshops and guided tours at the Gallery as well as outreach programs offsite. Some programs are offered on a regular basis while others occur in response to special events and current societal issues.

Curatorial Projects with the Community

Curatorial projects provide another unique way for the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia to work with communities. Exhibition projects encourage diverse perspectives and these are reflected in the artwork created through various collaborations. Visitors are able to consider the life experiences of others in unexpected ways by viewing these exhibitions both at the Gallery and at off-site venues such as health centres, libraries, and schools.