DIALOG, Acre Architects, Brackish Design Studio and Shannon Webb-Campbell

The People’s Gallery is place where different voices and interests come together to create something larger than the individual; it is a place for questions and important conversations. The AGNS aspires to be an agent of social change, an essential service to re-position voices, empower artists and relegate authority, and nowhere is this manifest more clearly than in the Peoples’ Gallery. In fostering inclusive economic growth through cultural tourism, the Peoples’ Gallery creates an authentic sense of place through the arts, a place of belonging for Nova Scotians, shaped by Nova Scotians.

Design Summary

In this PDF, you will learn more about the detailed inspiration and rationale behind the design by DIALOG, Acre Architects, Brackish Design Studio and Shannon Webb-Campbell. This design summary is a deep dive into how the space will be used and where the concept derived from, as well as an in-depth look at all of the architectural plans.

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Design Concept

Share your thoughts.

The vision for a vibrant new home for art in Nova Scotia, is one that belongs to all of us. Be a part of shaping it, by sharing your thoughts about the design concepts and what you envision for the new Art Gallery and Waterfront Arts District. Your voice matters. We encourage you to share your opinions and comment on any or all three designs.

One of the project objectives is to create a welcoming and inclusive space. Can you see yourself visiting this space? What do you find welcoming or unwelcoming about this design?
It is important that the Gallery and Arts District be reflective of Nova Scotia, our communities, and our culture. Do you feel this design meets that objective? Please explain your response.
What activities would attract you to the new Art Gallery of Nova Scotia and Waterfront Arts District?
Do you have any general comments you would like to leave about this design?

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