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Art Gallery of Nova Scotia

Ten Years of Art: 2010-2019

As the 2010s come to an end, we are taking this opportunity to reflect on the many accomplishments we have made for our members and visitors. Over the past ten years, we have welcomed over half a million visitors to experience over 300 exhibitions. Thanks to our many supporters, we were able to acquire over 4,000 works of art for our Permanent Collection, which now numbers over 18,000 pieces. We toured incredible works by talented Nova Scotia artists to destinations around the world, including China.

We were delighted to see the story of Maud Lewis shared with the world through the major motion picture, Maudie; we announced plans to build a new permanent home for the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia, which will be an anchor for a new arts district on the Halifax Waterfront; and most importantly, we continued to celebrate some of the most incredible, thought-provoking artists in the world.

As we reflect on the last ten years, we also look ahead at the next ten and some of the major projects we will embark on as we continue to connect people with art to inspire new ways of thinking. Below, you will see exhibition highlights of the last ten years at the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia.


Looking out to Sea: Artists and the Navy’s First Century | Breaking the Ice: The Morash Collection of Inuit Art | Carl Schaefer: Storm on the Horizon | David Hoffos: Scenes from the House Dream | Face the Nation | A Northern Perspective | Four Seasons: Four Paintings. Conserving Elizabeth Styring Nutt’s Autumn on the Northwest Arm | The Navy and Halifax: 100 Years Together | Surface | Inside Out | George E. Naas: Scenes of Nova Scotia | Hooked on the Past | Folk Art of Nova Scotia | Young Curators of the Future | Annapolis Royal: 300 Years | Sobey Art Award: 2010 Atlantic Long List | Alex Colville | Stephen Kelly: Open Tuning (WaveUp) | Charlotte Lindgren: Textile Pioneer | Red | Graphic | Cecil Day: Traps | Arboretum | Atrium: Cathy Busby | The Last Frontier

Burying the Hatchet, and the Sword | Stephen Shore: The Gardens at Giverny | Framed | ArtReach (Centre for Craft and Design and Galerie Le Trécarré) | ArtReach (New Glasgow) | Cecil Day: An Atlantic Bestiary | Folk Art at Yarmouth | Hurtubise | What is a Print? | Laureates of the Governor General’s Award in Visual and Media Arts | Precise: Craft and Process | Sobey Art Award 2011 | Synaptic Connections: Art & the Brain | Barroco Nova: Neo Baroque Moves in Contemporary Art | Annie Pootoogook | “Retrospective”: Garry Neill Kennedy | Arena: Road Game | Sportsland: Echoes of the past, Sense of the Present, Thoughts of the Future (ArtReach)

David Alexander: The Shape of Place | Material World | Reinvention: The Art and Life of HM Rosenberg | Arena: the Art of Hockey | Kekina’masuti Nemitekemk Nktuey Mijua’jijk: Through Children’s Eyes | Emerging Artist Series - Lisa Lipton: Stop @ Forever | Rencontre: Artistic Encounters with Jacques Hurtubise | ArtReach (Rita Letendre) | Roman Bartkiw | Mosom Maskwa – Pawakan (Grandfather Bear - Spirit-Guides) | SKIN: the seduction of surface | ArtReach (Northumberland Arts Council Fraser Cultural Centre) | Nancy Edell: Narrative Threads | Sobey Art Award: 10 Years of Atlantic Finalists | Elizabeth Enders: Painting...Place | Seafarers and Fishwives – Jennifer Crane | Tom Sherman: Alley 9 and Michael Swim’s Catch | A Path to Learning: Early Nova Scotian Women Artists | Rosenberg Redux | Metamorphosis: The Art of Robert Pope | Canadian Pioneers: Tom Thomson, Emily Carr, J.W. Morrice and Masterworks from the Sobey Art Collections | Emily Carr Focus | Craig Francis Power: Les Fleurs du Mal

Portraits of Places: Watercolours by Frederick B Nichols | Gold: A Nova Scotia Treasure | Ruled by His Warden with Stick and with Voice | Peggy’s Cove Syndrome | David Askevold: Once Upon a Time in the East | Birding: Folk Art in Flight | Blue | 2013 Nova Scotia Art Bank Purchases | Remembering Kenojuak Askehvak | Making Waves | Royal Connections: The Royal Province of Nova Scotia and the Crown | Into The Night | Sobey Art Award 2013 | Chasing Light | Magic in Her Hands: The Art of Marie Webb | Chris Hanson and Hendrika Sonnenberg: The Way Things Are | Shifting Ground | Greetings from Maud

Graeme Patterson: Secret Citadel | Jason de Haan: Noghwhere Bodili is Everywhere Goostly | War of 1812-1814: Then and After | Nelson Surette: le retour | Maud Lewis: Homecoming | Paperwork 30 | All That Glows | 2 Wheelers | Emily Falencki | Marion Wagschal | Krystyna and Konrad Sadowski | Buoys and Gulls | Rock Show: At the Intersection of art + music | Collective Remembrance Propaganda Posters from the Great War | 4th Wall: Justice, Art & Youth | Northern Exposure | Andy Warhol: Red Book | Janice Wright Cheney: Cellar Mary Pratt | Gold: A Nova Scotia Treasure | Sobey Art Award 2014 | Skylight Sculpture Gallery

Eleanor King: Dark Utopian | RAM: Rethinking Art & Machine | Jacques Hurtubise: Lasting Impression | Kekina'masuti Nemitekemk Nktuey Mijua'jijk: Through Children's Eyes | Graeme Patterson: Secret Citadel | The Roarin’ Game | Arm’s Length: the Northwest Arm and the Artist | John Greer: retroActive | ArtReach (Cape Breton Centre for Craft and Design) | Terroir: a Nova Scotia Retrospective | Magic in Her Hands: The Art of Marie Webb | Lucy Jarvis: Even Stones Have Life | Mid-Century Modern | Contemporary First Nations Art from the Permanent Collection  | Recent Acquisitions Spotlight: Brendan Fernandes | Autism Arts | Grace Nickel – Devastatus Rememorari | Nova Scotia Spotlight: Janice Leonard | Selfie Station | Spring in Cambridge: the Visionary Drawings of John Devlin | Autism Arts: Working Together | 2015 Sobey Art Award... made by the artist ... Greeting Cards and Other | Nova Scotia Spotlight: Sara MacCulloch | Capture 2014: Nova Scotia Realism

Naked Craft | The Last Art College: Nova Scotia College of Art and Design, 1968-1978 | Nova Scotia Spotlight: Garry Neill Kennedy | ArtReach (DesBrisay Museum) | ArtReach (Antigonish Town & County Library) | The Path We Share: Charles Doucette, Fran Francis, Courtney Leonard, and Alan Syliboy | In the Artists’ Footsteps | Mitch Mitchell: I Will Meet You in the Sun | Nova Scotia Spotlight: Cecil Day | ArtReach (Isaiah W. Wilson Memorial Library) | 4th Wall: Justice, Art & Youth | 4e Mur : les jeunes, les arts et la justice | Ne’wtejk Witawti’minuk | The Path We Share | Kitchen Party | Spring in Cambridge: the Visionary Drawings of John Devlin | La culture qu-on partage/The Culture We Share | Autism Arts | Nova Scotia Spotlight: Laurie Swim | Terroir: A Nova Scotia Survey | Autism Arts: The Community Well | Clay Bodies | Maud Lewis and the Big Screen | Return to Nova Scotia | Confederation - 150 Years: 23 Prime Ministers | Emily Falencki | After Image | Artful Afternoon: for those with dementia and their Partner in Care

ArtReach (Liverpool) | The Nature of Nature: The Photographs of Thaddeus Holownia, 1976-2016 | The Last Art College: Nova Scotia College of Art and Design, 1968-1978 | Harold Edgerton: The Man Who Made Time Stand Still | Vimy Ridge ... Artists Document the First World War | An Expression of Faith: Sacred Art of Centuries Past | Centuries of Silence: The Discovery of the Salzinnes Antiphonal | In a Flash | Maud Lewis: From the Permanent Collection | SakKijâjuk: Art and Craft from Nunatsiavut | Maud Lewis: as Collected by John Risley | Around Us/Tout autour de nous | Folk/Funk | Prime Suspects: Canada’s Prime Ministers in Caricature by Bruce MacKinnon | Kepe’kek from the Narrows of the Great Harbour | //RESPONSIVE: International Light Art Project Halifax | Mischa Kuball: Space- Speech-Speed | Art From The Heart | An Abecedary of Printmakers in Nova Scotia | Perfect Brightness: Discovery and Escape in Contemporary Photography | Thaddeus Holownia: Sable Island | Mark Kasumovic Picture/Perfect

Artful Afternoon | Shary Boyle & Emily Vey Duke: The Illuminations Project | Perfectly Bright at Ross Farm | Perfectly Bright | The Light Fantastic | Transatlantique: the art of fashion and costume design in Paris and Halifax | Hiroshige: The Fifty-Three Stations of the Tōkaidō | Blue Rocks: Gerald Ferguson, Marsden Hartley, and John Hartman | On the Edge of Modernism: The Group of Seven and Lismer’s Legacy in Nova Scotia | Maud Lewis | Terroir: Then and Now | Autism Arts | Rah Eleh – SuperNova | Close to the edge...The Work of Gerald Ferguson | Alphabetical Order: things artists have drawn | Shame and Prejudice: A Story of Resilience | ArtReach Art Bank Prints | Kent Monkman – Miss Chief’s Wet Dream | Jordan Bennett: Ketu’elmita’jik | Artful Afternoon: Seaside Memories

A Sense of Site | Nova Scotia Spotlight: Hangama Amiri | Looking Out, Looking In: Windows with a Community View | Industrial Elements Air, Fire, Water, and Earth | Halifax Harbour 1918: Harold Gilman and Arthur Lismer | Salvador Dali, A Suite of Prints | Maud Lewis and the Nova Scotia Terroir | An Exhibition Highlight: Monkman, Johnson & Bennett | Guiding Principles | Here We Are Here: Black Canadian Contemporary Art | Autism Arts | Worn Inward | Guiding Principles | Autism Arts | Celebrating Mary Pratt | NSCAD Lithography: Workshop: Contemporary  | Althea Thauberger: The State of the Situation | Written In Thread | First You Dream: Celebrating 75 Years of the Nova Scotia Talent Trust