Arts District

In April 2019, the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia announced a project to re-imagine the Gallery in a new home, as part of an Arts District, on the Halifax Waterfront. The new Art Gallery of Nova Scotia and surrounding public space will make up the new Waterfront Arts District.


The Arts District will be a welcoming and inclusive public gathering place on the Halifax waterfront that showcases the best in contemporary art and public programs. Developed with Nova Scotians for Nova Scotians, the Arts District will increase opportunities for all to access and experience art, celebrate our diverse and unique stories through the arts, and enhance the overall waterfront experience.


On January 16, the Province of Nova Scotia announced it will embark on the next stage of this project. A design competition will invite architectural teams from around the globe to submit their qualification to lead the design for a new Art Gallery of Nova Scotia and associated public space.

The design competition is expected to last six months and will take place over two stages:

  • Stage one is a call for qualifications and interviews with the top qualified candidates.
  • Stage two is the formal design competition where short listed firms will create conceptual designs for the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia and surrounding public space.

The successful consultant team will assist the Province by leading the continued engagement process once a contract is awarded. There will be intensive period for broad engagement of the public and key interest groups at the commencement of the consultant’s work.

The new, iconic art gallery and vibrant public space will provide access to art, culture, world class exhibitions, events and programming for all Nova Scotians and visitors to the province. These spaces will be a desirable place where people can engage with one another, with art, and with the Halifax Waterfront. Together, a new Gallery and public space based in art will create a unique and vibrant experience for Nova Scotians and visitors to the province.





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