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Leave your art stereotypes at the door. ArtParty is back!!

ArtParty crushes boundaries and what you thought art should be. The Circle wants to change the way you view art, and invites you to take in the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia as it’s transformed into a vibrant space where lights, music and, most importantly, the art will allow you to inspire your own experience. Engage with fellow art-lovers, meet curators and artists, wander the galleries and make your very own work of art. At ArtParty, curate your own experience and create a one-of-a-kind Friday night.

19+ Event


March 24, 2017

Loukas Stilldrunk
Mike Ryan

Studio Activity: Cyanotype Printing

Join Thaddeus Holownia and Melissa Marr for late night camera-less photography using found objects, natural materials, and hand-tinting to create gorgeous Cyanotype prints. From Prussian blue to bright white tones, explore composition and light, blurred edges, or paper stencil methods to make one of a kind blue prints.


For more information contact Krista Wadman | 902-424-4862


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